How to Register at The Shatter Store?

How to Register at The Shatter Store?

Instructions & Rules Must be Followed!

Please Read Carefully!

Place your Order! You must place an order first!

Send Payment! You must send payment with in 24 hrs!

EMAIL a Copy of your ID to verify 19+ to 

(*NOT UPLOAD to website)

If you Do not want to share ID you can write a Quick message on Social Media! 

Please choose ONLY ONE method of verification ONLY! Do not do both!!

Once you have Performed all the steps required to Place an Order and Register, below goes over the shipping process. 

1. An email with an invoice with all Information will be emailed to the email address on file, please ensure you use a correct email address. 

2. Processing eMail is First sent when the order is being Picked and Packed to be shipped out. This lets you know your order will be shipped out that day. No Need to email us. 

3. Completed eMail is sent with all Tracking Information. The tracking information can take until 7pm to show up. NO EMAILS SAYING TRACKING NUMBER IS IN VALID OR NOT WORKING UNTIL AFTER 7PM!!!

1. No Rude or Disrespectful Emails.

These emails will get you BANNED and your IP Address will be BLOCKED

We will Not Tolerate this type of response in any way shape or form. Control yourself if you have Anger Management Issues!



We will post all inventory when it comes In-Stock

4. NO Shipping to a Business Address!!

An expectation can be made if you are the owner of the Business!

5. Signature on Delivery will be added on your First Order. 

We also reserve the right to add a signature on any future order.





4 Responses to “How to Register at The Shatter Store?

  • Paul Walsh
    4 months ago

    How long does it take to receive the product

    • Hi Paul! It always depends on Location but most are 2 days and a lot of locations are overnight. Email us for a more concrete answer. Thanks for the message.

  • Been needing this to help me with my anxiety and isomnia.

    • Extract Geek
      2 months ago

      Hi!! Thanks for the comment. We are happy to help. We have a number of items that will help with that. Thanks!

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