How to Register at The Shatter Store?

How to Register at The Shatter Store?

Instructions & Rules Must be Followed!

Please Read Carefully!

Place your Order! You must place an order first!

Send Payment! You must send payment with in 24 hrs!

EMAIL a Copy of your ID to verify 19+ to 

(*NOT UPLOAD to website)

Once you have Performed all the steps required to Place an Order and Register, below goes over the shipping process. 

1. An email with an invoice with all Information will be emailed to the email address on file, please ensure you use a correct email address. 

2. Processing eMail is First sent when the order is being Picked and Packed to be shipped out. This lets you know your order will be shipped out that day. No Need to email us. 

3. Completed eMail is sent with all Tracking Information. The tracking information can take until 7pm to show up. NO EMAILS SAYING TRACKING NUMBER IS IN VALID OR NOT WORKING UNTIL AFTER 7PM!!!

1. No Rude or Disrespectful Emails.

Rude emails will get you BANNED and your IP Address will be BLOCKED

We will Not Tolerate this type of response in any way shape or form. Control yourself if you have Anger Management Issues!



We will post all inventory when it comes In-Stock

4. NO Shipping to a Business Address!!

An exception can be made if you are the owner of the Business!

5. Signature on Delivery will be added on your First Order. 

We also reserve the right to add a signature on any future order.





33 thoughts on “How to Register at The Shatter Store?

    • Extract Geek says:

      Hi!! Thanks for the comment. We are happy to help. We have a number of items that will help with that. Thanks!

    • Extract Geek says:

      Thanks for the Comment! Yes we ship lots to Quebec everyday. Happy to help, just follow the steps listed. Try CBD Isolate, works great for pain. Thanks!

  1. Eugene.zhelinskiy says:

    Hello I need some help I need 7 gs minimim shipped to sorel qc it’s so close to Montreal where says u are but I need it shipped discreet and not sure about address where since I am always moving let me no if you can help thanks

  2. grandmassaninja says:

    Maybe the wrong place for this but I digress,

    I have a sick relative and when she smokes shatter she can actually eat, allowing her to gain weight to fight her battle with cancer. I’ve placed multiple orders, I have ALWAYS been pleased with your service and never got around to thanking you for this. You have a loyal supporter in me for as long as you are “extracting”. Thank you for helping my family, from one soul to another. Thank you.

    PS: She is doing very well now gaining roughly 20 pounds, putting her up to the 100 mark. 🙂 Thanks man.

  3. Sally says:

    I have been using marijuana for over 30 yrs. my tolerance is high so shatter works best for now. I have never ordered from your site before, but love the Phyto Extractions shatter and look forward to placing my first order with you very soon! Thank you for such a wonderful product for much needed pain relief.

  4. lucille_doucette says:

    Received me first order today. I was very impressed on packaging & speed of shipping. A HUGE THANKS too all your staff & wish you all a happy new year. 🙂

    • Extract Geek says:

      Hi! All the products we sell are on Reddit, as they are from National Brands and not what some people call “Our Products.” We do not make any of the products. We expect our suppliers to provide products they are proud of to ensure they retain the value of the brand they have built. So all the products are on Reddit, such as Phyto Extractions, Kind Selections, Honey Badger, Yocan… All the products we sell have feedback on Reddit. Thanks for the comment!

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