Why am I not getting any Email notifications or email Invoice? (Hotmail, Live & Outlook)

Why am I not getting any Email notifications or email Invoice?

This is for users with Hotmail, Live.com/Live.ca or Outlook.com to help ensure they receive important emails from The Shatter Store. 

Must Add Admin@Shatter.Store to Safe Senders List

When looking for emails notifications and Invoices we have some reasons why users are unable to find eMails. 

  1. Turn off “Focused Inbox” this feature was brought out by Hotmail, Live and Outlook to help users narrow down emails they deem important. Turn off this feature right away. It will block a number of emails not just ours. 
  2. Check both Junk & Junk email boxes. Hotmail, Live.com/Live.ca or Outlook.com has two Junk Mail boxes not just one. 
  3. Check Spam Folder.
  4. Do not Check from a Mobile Device or Mail App.

Creating an Account is the best way to monitor your Order. This will provide status up dates and Tracking Numbers in Real Time. Customers can see Order status, from On-Hold, Processing and Completed with Tracking Numbers all by simply Logging into your account made while checking out. If you did not create an account while checking out 

Click Here to Sign in or Create an Account

If you did not create an account while checking out, Please Click the link above to Create an Account. Then email us at Info@Shatter.store to have your order Linked to your account. 

Thank you for Reading!

19 thoughts on “Why am I not getting any Email notifications or email Invoice? (Hotmail, Live & Outlook)

    • Extract Geek says:

      At Any Time….. You can LOG IN to your account and monitor your order. THIS WILL ALSO GIVE YOUR TRACKING INFO WHEN COMPLETED. We have taken a ton of time to build this in to the site, we can’t get anyone to use it just like you would any other website. LOG IN to your account for tracking info and all info.

  1. Genevieve says:

    Hi there! Could some one email me please! I have some questions as a first time buyer πŸ™‚ thank you ☺️

  2. Peteskipete says:

    The only complaint I have is there is no place I can find to say how pleased I’am with the everything you guys a girls kick ass

    • Extract Geek says:

      Aww Thank you so much!! Super happy we could help you out. If you have chance to leave us a review on WeedMaps we would really appreciate it. Thank you!

  3. Samuel Murphy says:

    Awesome place to order from, fast shipping ordered mine monday and got it already!awesome quality will definitely be ordering again soon.

  4. Mike s says:

    Hello, i made an order over the weekend and still havent received a tracking number. I checked my spam folder and its not there either. Can someone send me a tracking number order # 30628

    • Extract Geek says:

      Hi! Thank you for letting us know. We sent it out on Monday at 9:45am. We have sent at 2nd email as well with the tracking number today. Hope it arrives soon! Thank you for the order. πŸ™‚

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